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Release Date: 14/03/2022     Genres: RPG     Developer: A44

The Door to the Afterlife has been opened, allowing the old God’s army of the undead to escape from within. The living are on the brink of extinction. It’s time for the coalition army to retake their world. Embrace vengeance, gunpowder and magic and embark on an epic journey to lead mankind’s final siege against the tide of the dead.

Join humanity’s last stand as Gods and guns collide in an all-new action-RPG open-world adventure.
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Forge a bond like no other Join Nor Vanek, a member of the coalition army, and your companion Enki, a strange creature gifted with magical powers, in their personal vendetta against the gods.

Defeat the most powerful beings in creation Challenge the Gods. Master a demanding yet rewarding combat system blending axe wielding, gunplay, magic and more. Unleash powerful combos and embrace your creativity with every encounter.

Make your mark on a vast battlefield 
Explore a dangerous open world. Fly through the desert sands, journey through cavernous ruins, and unveil the secrets that lie in the towering City of Dawn. Reassemble the Blackstream sappers, a team of crack explosives and weaponry experts, to lend their skills in the last siege against the gods. 

Key Feature
Embark on a gripping vengeful story
Flintlock Fantasy
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The setting is a pre-industrial low-fantasy world where black powder guns are a recent invention, and the source of humanity’s budding power.


The hallmark of the Flintlock Fantasy genre is a fantasy world where magic is all-powerful, until the invention of black powder. This leads to a shift in the power dynamic between magic users and common folk, and the tension between old and new comes to a head.


In order to defeat the most powerful beings in creation, the player must combine magical power with the destructive power of black powder.

Gods & Guns
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Intense risk-filled rhythm based combat

Discover the unique bond forged between nor vanek, a member of a coalition army, and enki, a rogue fox-like deity, as their personal vendetta against the gods grows into humanity’s last hope.


Master a powerful rhythm-based combat system, mixing axe wielding, gunplay, magic & devastating tech-enhanced traps.

Ultimate Abilities
Enki: the fox-like god

Ultimate Abilities - Enki uses powerful ultimate abilities at the player’s command. These are gained by killing and absorbing the powers of the old gods you encounter.